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Free SmartLinks and GeoIP based ShortURLs generator for affiliate links,Redirect your visitors to the links based on their IP location

Create GeoIP Short URL with your specific targeting setting.

Free GeoIP Redirections

RedirectV solutions are a must-have! Irrespective of your website having multiple locations, languages, or variants, RedirectV covers it all.

With IP geo technology, auto-redirect the visitors based on IP location-specific pages or domains.

Automatically redirect your visitors to specific locations

By creating a smart URL, you can redirect the audience based on the IP to specific locations such as pages or websites.

From low converting affiliate links to the successful ones

We provide you the service of automatically determine the targeted CR and redirect towards the most successful links.

Create Short link powered by GeoIP redirection

Use the short link feature to filter the visitors with our friendly domains with more to come.

Track Traffic & Clicks reports

Get all the insights and analysis of the clicks you receive, have full control of your traffic and links

We Report To You

RedirectV also offers detailed report generation and presentation with the results of your campaigns and visitors on the site.

Perfectly on time!

With our GeoIP redirection solutions, we provide fast service to IP search and redirect visitors to specific locations.

Redirect the visitors through SmartLinks

With a smart URL with our new built-in geo redirection, you can automatically redirect the visitors to links with unlimited targeting rules.
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With our simple yet powerful location-based link direction, redirect the visitors
instantly with one click on the link. Our smart link automatically detects the
location of the visitor and redirects one click on the link. Our smart link automatically detects the location of the visitor and redirects.
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One-Stop-Shop for Affiliate Marketing.
Geo-targeting is a key method for maximizing traffic and user experience Offering discounts or working on promotional activities? Grasp the attention of the visitors through attractive and engaging offers that are specific to their location
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Precise Analysis Guaranteed.
Redirect provides the perfect analytics tool for your business! As a result of geotargeting, we offer you stats of your conversions and revenue increase. Download a template or demo with a single click, or integrate the tools. Shop for more features to get detailed statistics and analysis either single based on multi-pager.
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Start your day the affiliate way!

Outshine your marketing activities with customized services such as conversion rates, EPC rules, and GeoIP. RedirectV provides you the solution to display location-relevant offers and messages though based on the visitor’s location.

Exceptional shopping experience with our E-commerce​

Share the links on other platforms to redirect the traffic of potential buyers to the desired location to enhance their shopping experience.

Get your own domains

Create your domain from our services and derive the traffic on your desired and owned domain and take your audience where you want them to be.

Got a query?

RedirectV provides URL shortening services having a GeoIP redirection system. We offer you to create SmartLinks to boost engagement with users and performance.

GeoIP short link is generated by RedirectV, along with enabling you to set regulations and redirection location targets. RedirectV GeoIP is a method to make your users feel local. Providing location-based information, offers, and campaigns instantly increases the trust factor among the users. Just set your desired location for users located in different countries, city, or state and enjoy the benefits.

Absolutely! RedirectV has a free account service in which you are free to make a maximum of two offers or campaigns. We provide unlimited redirections with complete statistics and analytics.

For you, RedirectV offers customized affiliate programs and marketing services. Create your own smart link and shorter version of the URLs with our tailor-made solutions.

Yes, You can track by integrating our image pixel or you can also track back using the S2S post back method

Indeed, you can track the conversions with our Pixel Integrations S2S support services.

Yes, You can create links that can cloak by geo targeting settings

Yes, You can create unlimited Free SmartLinks online

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