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Free SmartLinks and GeoIP based ShortURLs generator for affiliate links,Redirect your visitors to the links based on their IP location

Create GeoIP Short URL with your specific targeting setting.

Free GeoIP Redirections

Smartlink shortlink generator made for Affiliates

RedirectV solutions are a must-have! Irrespective of your website having multiple locations, languages, or variants, RedirectV covers it all.

With IP geo technology, auto-redirect the visitors based on IP location-specific pages or domains.

Create SmartLink​

First, create a list of the URLs you want to redirect to for each country. For example, you might have a Different URL for users in the United States, another for users in Canada, and a third for users in the United Kingdom, Etc.​

GeoIP Redirection​

Redirectv Geolocation technology works by using the IP address of the user to determine their physical location. This information is then used to redirect the user to the appropriate version of the link based on their location.​

Smart Redirection​

RedirectV technology redirects users to the appropriate version of a smartlink based on their IP location. Users in the USA are directed to the version for USA users, while users in Canada are directed to the version for Canadian users.​

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The Power of Smartlinks in Affiliate Marketing